1. Object

1. The following terms and conditions of use refer to the “Digital Auditorium” services offered by the Auditorium and Orchestra Consortium through www.auditoridigital.cat. The contracting of the services implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions.

2. The service provider is the Consortium of the Auditorium and Orchestra, with NIF Q-5856358-F, address at Carrer de Lepant, 150, Barcelona (CP 08013), hereinafter “L'Auditori”.

3. Versions in Catalan, Spanish and English terms and conditions of use are the only valid. They can be downloaded from this one link.

2. Services

1. The Digital Auditorium facilitates access via the Internet to concert recordings, in two modalities: subscription and non-subscription. Each of the modalities facilitates access to live broadcasts, concert recordings and multimedia materials that appear in the archives of L'Auditori.

2. The user can choose from a range of different levels of transmission quality depending on the quality of Internet connection available.

3. The user will not have the right to claim the provision or access to broadcasts that are not offered, on their own initiative, by L'Auditori.

4. The Auditorium reserves the right to remove certain contents from the offer of services for technical or legal reasons.

3. Register

1. The user may use the services once registered. Anyone of legal age who is not legally incapacitated may register. Registration is done using the form on www.auditoridigital.cat.

2. To register, the user must provide the essential data indicated in the form. In the event that the user appears in the files of L'Auditori as a user of another service, he may authorize the registration using the data contained in L'Auditori.

3. The user assumes responsibility for the veracity of the registration data and the obligation to immediately inform L'Auditori of any changes that may occur.

4. Modalities

1. Subscription service. With the payment of a monthly fee, the user obtains the right to view all the contents of the platform. Payment for the subscription is made by credit card, in advance. You can unsubscribe at any time by accessing your personal area and clicking the "Unsubscribe" button. at least 10 days in advance of the start of a new monthly period.

2. Concert ticket purchase service. The user obtains the right to view the concert he has purchased. Payment is made by credit card in advance.

5. Hiring

When contracting a service, the user will receive an email confirming receipt of the order. This acknowledgment of receipt constitutes acceptance of the contractual offer and concludes the purchase of the ticket or subscription.

6. Use

The user obtains the right to access the services for personal use and in the family or home. The making available to other people through any modality or channel is not authorized.

7. Cancellation and right of withdrawal

1. Subscribers to the subscription service may cancel it at any time by means of the procedure indicated in section 4.1 of these terms and conditions.

2. In the contracting of either of the two modalities, the user can exercise the right of withdrawal during the 14 calendar days following the contracting, as long as he has not begun to obtain the contracted services. You can withdraw by accessing your personal area and clicking on the "Unsubscribe" button.

8. Prices

The price of the monthly subscription to all the contents of the channel is € 7.90 / month, taxes included.

The price of the individual concert to view it for 48 hours is € 3.90, taxes included.

9. Payment

1. The purchase amount will be paid in advance immediately after placing the order.

2. The amount will be paid by credit card. In the case of the subscription, the payment is charged monthly.

3. In the event that the user does not comply with his obligation to pay, the Auditorium may temporarily block the user's access to the services, without prejudice to declaring the user's definitive termination in accordance with clause 12.

10. Access to user information

1. The user will be able to access their registration data. It is up to the user to preserve the confidentiality of the identifiers that allow him access to the services. Communication to third parties is prohibited.

2. In case of communication of their identifiers to a third party, the user would be responsible for the damages caused by this improper use of his account.

3. The user must notify L'Auditori of any incident that has allowed the knowledge of their identifiers by third parties.

11. Warranty

1. The Auditorium does not guarantee the correct operation of the Internet connection or the performance of the final device used.

2. The Auditorium will resolve any technical failure with the utmost diligence. In the event that the failure is attributable to L'Auditori and prevents the user's access to the services, L'Auditori will compensate the user with a proportional reduction in the subscription service fees or with the return of the amount in the case of the purchase of a concert if the user could not have accessed it.

12. User termination

1. The user may terminate their relationship with L'Auditori at any time. The termination will not entail the return of the amounts paid, nor the cancellation of the debts if applicable. Termination will have immediate effect. In the subscription mode, you will get it when the corresponding period expires.

2. The Auditorium may deregister a user and suspend the provision of services at any time in the event that an improper, illegal or contrary use of these terms and conditions is found by the user. The suspension and cancellation will not force L'Auditori to return the amounts paid by the user.

3. The communication of the termination due to one of the circumstances indicated in the previous point will be made by e-mail.

15. Data protection

The personal data of users will be processed by the Consortium of the Auditorium and the Orchestra, as responsible for the processing, in order to keep a register of people registered in the Digital Auditorium, management of ticket sales on the platform , provision of services, collection and sending of information. The data will be processed in compliance with the contractual relationship for the provision of services. They will not be communicated to other people. The rights of access, rectification, deletion, opposition to the treatment or request for the limitation of the treatment can be exercised by contacting L'Auditori. Learn more about data protection at data protection policy .

16. Copyright

The texts, images, graphics and / or videos included or made available through www.auditoridigital.cat, their graphic presentation and the database in which the concerts appear are protected by copyright. The user of the service obtains a right of use limited to his personal, family and domestic sphere, without the capacity to make the contents available to third parties, or to reproduce, distribute or modify them.  

17. Modification of the terms and conditions

The Auditorium may modify these terms and conditions at any time. Modifications will be effective from the time and date of publication. In no case may they harm the rights acquired by users.

18. Interpretation and applicable law

1. These terms and conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with Spanish law.

2. In the event that any clause is invalid, the remaining clauses will remain valid. For the resolution of lawsuits motivated by the provision of services, the courts of the city of Barcelona will be the competent bodies.